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About Our Knoxville Restaurant

Introducing Elkmont Station

Our restaurant is a celebration of the impact Knoxville had on one of America’s greatest treasures: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our goal is for Elkmont Station to be a place where loved ones can gather to enjoy a one-of-a-kind culinary experience in East Tennessee.

Perhaps the best-kept secret of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the role and impact that Knoxville played in the origination of one of America’s greatest treasures. If it weren’t for the many influential, inspired residents of Knoxville who spent countless hours opening avenues to create awareness, exposure, and the necessary funds, then the realized dream of this iconic national park might never have come to fruition. A symbolic illustration of this special connection between Knoxville and the Smokies was the railroad between Elkmont and Knoxville, which was built and operated by the Little River Railroad Company (LRRC). Originally built to transport lumber, the LRRC added an observation car to the logging train in 1909, which spurred tourism and recreation in Elkmont as one of the most prominent sections of the GSMNP. Legend has it that the train service between Elkmont and Knoxville was affectionately referred to as the “Elkmont Special.” Nestled along the Little River, Elkmont was a regular stopping place and gathering point for folks to enjoy one of the most beautiful, unique sections of the Smokies.
old photo from the Elkmont section of the Smokies where workers are logging

More than 100 years later, while the Elkmont Special is no longer in commission, our Knoxville restaurant, Elkmont Station, was created to celebrate this extraordinary link that exposed so many people to the rich history of the Smokies. The word “station” is defined as a regular stopping place on a public transportation route, and we want to be just that for visitors. We invite you to enjoy our ever-evolving menu of handcrafted food and drinks in an atmosphere that honors the spirit of one of our region’s most special places. No matter the occasion, our hope is that our community-driven restaurant serves as your regular stopping place. Cheers!

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